Catbackers/Letterwinners Club

What is the Catbackers/Letterwinners Club?

CATBACKERS Club, Inc. was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support NDSCS Athletics by raising money from private sources and letterwinners to provide scholarship aid and operating expenses to men and women student athletes. There are eight membership levels with a schedule of benefits based on the gift amount.

Why do we have the Catbackers/Letterwinners Club?

State support for NDSCS Athletics has not kept pace with rising operation costs. Each year, it is more difficult to generate the needed revenue for operation costs and scholarships. The goal for NDSCS teams will always be regional championships. In order to get there, scholarship support and operationial budgets will need to continue to increase.

If NDSCS athletic programs are to continue to excel and be competitive, they will do so through financial contributions from individuals and organizations in the private sector. You, as a Catbackers/Letterwinners Club member, will be a key part of the NDSCS athletic team.

Six Gift Options
  1. Cash Gifts: Cash Gifts of any amount are accepted. Membership benefits begin at $10.
  2. Matching Gifts: The Catbackers/Letterwinners Club qualifies for matching gifts from numerous business organizations. Check with your employer about this option.
  3. Gifts in Kind: Products and services used regularly by the Athletic Department. Example: cars, gasoline, printing, etc.
  4. Real Estate/Securities: Gifts of appreciated property may be given to the College and the donor may take advantage of major tax benefits.
  5. Endowments and Bequests: Are excellent ways to create a lasting legacy to NDSCS Athletics and the people or places that made such an impact on your life.
  6. Volunteering is also another way you can get involved in Catbackers/Letterwinners activities and committees.

Catbackers/Letterwinners Club Membership Form

Payroll Deduct Form