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North Dakota State College of Science Letterwinners Club Constitution and Bylaws


Article I Name and Purpose

Section A

The official name of this organization shall be the North Dakota State College of Science Letterwinners Club.

Section B

The purpose of the organization shall be to promote NDSCS as an outstanding college to attend; to assist in the recruitment of prospective students and athletes; to encourage fellowship and goodwill among letterwinners at Homecoming and other events; to assist the NDSCS Athletic Department in fund raising activities to maintain the programs at a high level; and to provide a method by which to give recognition to outstanding athletes, coaches and supporters of NDSCS through the NDSCS Athletic Hall of Fame.

Article II Officers and Directors

Section A

There shall be 15 voting members on the Board of Directors. The voting members shall be the 12 elected directors, the NDSCS Athletic Director, an NDSCS Institutional Representative and a Secretary/Treasurer all who are ex-officio, but voting members of the Board. Four directors are to be elected each year to a three year term.

Section B

The Board of Directors will elect a President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer to implement the work of the board.

Article III Membership

Section A

All alumni athletic letter-winners are automatically a member of the Letterwinners Club. All letterwinners are highly encouraged to join the Club's partner organization, the Catbackers Club, which is the main fund raising connection to NDSCS Athletics.

Part 1 General

Section A

The Board of Directors and Officers shall meet bi-annually in the spring and at Homecoming each year and at such additional times as the President may direct.

Section B

A quorum of at least eight members shall be required for an official meeting.

Part 2

Rules for Athletic Hall of Fame Membership

Section A

The 15 members of the Board will make selections for membership to the NDSCS Athletic Hall of Fame. Notification will be communicated to those individuals or teams selected to the Hall of Fame by the Club's secretary.

Section B

Athletic Hall of Fame membership is open to NDSCS athletic letterwinners and coaches. Honorary membership is open to non-letterwinners whose contributions to NDSCS athletics have been exceptional. Any individual or individuals who meet the below outlined qualifying criteria may be nominated by self or a supporter. If not selected the first year, nominees will remain in nomination for two more years. If not selected after three years, nominees will have to be re-nominated. Nomination forms are available from the athletic director, Club president and secretary/treasurer.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Membership.

A North Dakota State College of Science Hall of Fame nominee shall meet one or more of the following:

  1. Must have attained a high degree of excellence in athletics at the North Dakota State College of Science;
  2. Must have brought above average recognition to himself, herself or team, and to the North Dakota State College of Science because of his, her or the team's successful athletic achievements;
  3. Must have been an individual(s) who as a student athlete, or athletes, and adult citizen have made outstanding contributions and have demonstrated high qualities of character and leadership;
  4. May not be considered for nomination until at least 10 years following his or her final participation in NDSCS athletics;
  5. Honorary membership in the Hall of Fame may be considered for a person who through personal endeavor, leadership and sacrifice over a period of years made an extraordinary contribution to the success of NDSCS athletics.
  6. Section C

All nominees submitted will have the opportunity to be reviewed for vote by the Board. The voting procedures will be as follows:

  1. Each member will submit their top 10 choices.
  2. A final top 10 will be selected from that list.
  3. Prior to voting, individual board members may give their perspective on the credentials of those final 10 nominees.
  4. Each board member shall prioritize their list by giving their number one choice a 10, number two choice 9 and etc. until the last choice receives a 1.
  5. Upon completion of voting, the total points for each nominee shall be calculated, deleting their highest and lowest point rating.
  6. Point totals and point spreads will be used by the board to determine Hall of Fame membership.

The Letterwinners secretary will notify the selected recipients of the Hall of Fame award and indicate to them their responsibilities regarding their Homecoming appearances at appropriate times and places.

Section D

A Hall of Fame Team honor is open to any NDSSS or NDSCS Athletic teams that have demonstrated a high degree of excellence in their (its) particular sport and have met one or more of the following criteria:

  1. A conference championship
  2. An extraordinary winning record
  3. Team All-American status
  4. Winning a national bowl title
  5. A national tournament appearance

The Board of Directors may select one or more teams on an annual basis, one being a team from forty (40) or more years ago and/or a team from the recent past but at least ten (10) years since competing. The nominating and election process shall be the same as the Athletic Hall of Fame election process.

The Board of Directors may establish additional eligibility requirements of membership

Section E

The charter members of the Hall of Fame shall be selected without specific numerical limitation. Thereafter, a least one and preferably not more than five individuals annually shall be selected by the Board, except that such maximum may be exceeded upon approval of the Board. The appropriate ceremony for honoring recipients should take place concurrently with Homecoming each year.

Part 3

Effective Date of Constitution and Bylaws

This constitution and bylaws shall become effective on the date the Officers and Directors of the NDSCS Letterwinners Club shall unanimously approve the document.

Part 4


Section A

Amendments and additions to the constitution and bylaws may be proposed by any member of the board at any official meeting.

Section B

When a proposed amendment or addition receives a majority of votes cast by board members, it shall be considered passed and will be effective immediately thereafter.


Prerequisites for receiving the Golden Wildcat Award:

  1. A Letterwinner who has been a consistent supporter of the NDSCS Letterwinners Club through past membership dues.
  2. A Letterwinner who has continued and is a consistent participant in the "Steer for Science" fund raising campaign, or being a member of the Catbacker/Letterwinners Club.
  3. A Letterwinner who is a supporter of the future of the North Dakota State College of Science.

History of the Golden Wildcat Award:

In 1985 the Letterwinners Club established a 50 year letterwinners pin which has become known as the Golden Wildcat Award. This pin is given to eligible letterwinners who first received the letter award 50 years ago.

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