2016 Results & Photos

2016 Results

Wildcat Open Winners

  • 1st Place: Jason Sirek, Joel Sirek, Shane Christensen, Rick Schake
  • 2nd Place: Mike Reard, Jason Moses, Jason Hanzlik, Nate Gilsrud 
  • 8th Place: Bridger Hansen, Avery Rugland, Bjorn Birkelo, Ethan Iverson
  • 15th Place: Jeff Meyer, Alex Beach, Nate Pratt, Harold Buckhouse 

Contest Hole Winners

  • Shortest Drive #1: Jana Berndt 
  • Longest Drive #3: Bridger Hansen
  • Closest to Pin #5: Hugh Zajac
  • Longest Putt #6: Chris Hills
  • Longest Drive - Women #7: Missy Johnson  
  • Longest Drive - Men #7: Thor Mitskog
  • Longest Putt #9: Joe Oliver
  • Closest to Pin #10: Nate Gilsrud 
  • Closest to Circle #11: Kellan Pauly 
  • Longest Putt - Women #13: Sandi Gilbertson 
  • Longest Putt - Men #13: Mike Reard
  • Closest to Pin #14: Terry Goerger
  • Longest Putt #15: Bridger Hansen 
  • Closest to Circle #16: Tom Dryburgh 
  • Longest Drive #18: Nate Summerville
2016 Foursome Team Photos

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