NDSCS hires Issendorf as Head Football Coach

The North Dakota State College of Science Athletic Department has hired Eric Issendorf as Head Football Coach. Issendorf has 13 years of football coaching experience, most recently as the Defensive Line Coach at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn.

Issendorf began his post-secondary education at NDSCS, where he received an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts. While enrolled at NDSCS, he was a member of the Wildcat football team, including the 1992 RC Cola Bowl Champion football team, which has been inducted into the NDSCS Catbackers/Letterwinners Hall of Fame.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science from NDSU, Issendorf was the Director of Equipment Operations for North Dakota State University, then spent 10 seasons as a Varsity Assistant Football Coach at Fargo South High School. He has a Master of Science in Leadership in Physical Education and Sport from North Dakota State University.

“An alum and former football player at NDSCS, Coach Issendorf has the combination of NJCAA playing experience, Fargo-Moorhead coaching-recruiting ties, overall regional recruiting experience and non-scholarship recruiting experience,” said NDSCS Athletic Director Stu Engen. “He has worked under all the right people for the past 16 years, and is full of Wildcat Pride.”

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