Sports Medicine

Required Forms for NDSCS Athletes 

Physical Form

  • Answer all questions on the History form.
  • Bring the physical form along with you to your doctor appointment. Have your doctor complete the form.

A current copy of the front and back your current insurance card is also needed.

Athletic Training Office Hours (Nov. 4-30)

4th – 1pm to 6pm

5th – 1pm to 630pm

6th – 1pm to 7pm

7th – 1pm to 7pm

8th – 1pm to 7pm

9th – 730am to 11am

10th – Closed

11th – 2pm to 830pm

12th – 1pm to 7pm

13th – 1pm to 7pm

14th – 1pm to 7pm

15th – TBA- American Inn Classic

16th – TBA- American Inn Classic

17th – Closed

18th – 1pm to 7pm

19th – 1pm to 930pm

20th – 1pm to 7pm

21st – 1pm to 7pm

22nd – 1pm to 7pm

23rd – Closed

24th – Closed

25th - 1pm to 7pm

26th – 1pm to 7pm

27th – 1pm to 7pm

28th – Thanksgiving- TBA

29th – Closed

30th – Closed

New Athlete Clearance Instructions

Returning Athlete Clearance Instructions