Where are they now?

Former NDSCS Volleyball Players
Seasons at NDSCSNameSchool
2014-2015Becca GrueberSt Cloud State University
2014-2015Kaitlyn AndersonDickinson State University
2014-2015Megan JohnsonValley City State University
2013-2014Tyler BulawaValley City State University
2013-2014Morgan HenschUniversity of Jamestown
2013-2014Megan KolnessMayville State University
2013-2014Jenny OlejarLeTourneau University
2013-2014Callie SinclairBethel University
2011-2012Katie WangbergMayville State University
2010-2011Kasi EisenzimmerBowie State University
2008-2009Taylor HartMinot State University
2007-2008Sarah StahlkeDakota Wesleyan University
2007-2008Megan TheisUniversity of Minnesota-Morris
2005-2006Taryn DonnellyHuntington Alabama University
2005-2006Brittany SmithTexas International University
2003-2004Alaina AdamsBemidji State
2003-2004Tanya HenschUniversity of Mary
2002-2003Trudy DollUniversity of Mary
2001-2002Chrissy JacobsUniversity of Maryland - Eastern Shore
2000-2001Greta HolmesUniversity of West Georgia
2000-2001Courtney SyverstenMinnesota State University Moorhead

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