Roster/Player Photos

2017 Volleyball Roster

No.NamePositionHt.Yr.HometownPrevious School
1Amy KoalskaDS5'2"FROakdale, MNHill-Murray
2Carmen AlbrechtDS5'4"FRMoorhead, MNPark Christian
3Brook BaumanOH5'8"SOCanby, MNCanby
5Haley KelvingtonS5'7"SOFoley, MNFoley
6Hannah TangenDS5'3"FRWest Fargo, NDWest Fargo
7Victoria CzechOH5'7"FRChippewa Falls, WIChippewa Falls
8Jasmine BruerMH6'0"SOWest Fargo, NDSheyenne
10Kate KnowlesMH6'2"FRSt Cloud, MNSt Cloud Tech
11Becca WeirMH/RH6'0"SOVillard, MNSauk Centre
12Brooklyn BrownleeMH/RH5'10"FRFargo, NDFargo South
13Serena LangenS5'9"FRPerham, MNPerham
14Elsa LarsonMH/RH5'10"FRLake Park, MNLPA
Head Coach: Jane Passa
Assistant Coach: Katie Meyers

2017 NDSCS Volleyball Players

#1 Amy Koalska

#2 Carmen Albrecht

#3 Brook Bauman

#5 Haley Kelvington

#6 Hannah Tangen

#7 Victoria Czech

#8 Jasmine Bruer

#10 Kate Knowles

#11 Becca Weir

#12 Brooklyn Brownlee

#13 Serena Langen

#14 Elsa Larson

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