Roster/Player Photos

2017-18 Women's Softball Roster
1Emily Bakken1OFPelican Rapids, MN
2Halie Johnson2SS, 3B, OFMoorhead, MN
3Katie Bjorndahl2P, 2BHawley, MN
4Haley Thompson1UTKindred, ND
5Piper Gibson1OFChokio, MN
6Autumn Petterson1OFFergus Falls, MN
7Brooke Harder1P, 1BNorth Sioux City, SD
10Morgan Smith12B/SSFargo, ND
11Kiersten Aguilar1SS, 2BFargo, ND
12Salavao Veu11B/3BWaipahu, HI
13Amanda Hanson1OFMinot, ND
14Maribel Fernandez1SS, 2BCasper, WY
15Erin Nissen2C/UTPoulsbo, WA
18Tesa Finley1CWasilla, AK
19Nichelle Henderson22BBrooklyn Park, MN
22Shayla Sauer13B/1BCarpio, ND
23Bekah Ludden1OF/IFEden Prairie, MN

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