Where are they now?

Former NDSCS Men's Basketball Players
PlayerSeasons at NDSCSFour Year School
James Batemon III16-17Loyola Marymount University
Gach Gach16-17West Texas A&M
Jake Johnson16-17Minnesota State University - Moorhead
Elliot Kane16-17Concordia University - St. Paul
Julian Walters15-16East Tennessee State University
Milos Vranes15-16Southeast Missouri State
Konner Goettsche15-16Dickinson State University
Hunter Nickel15-16Concordia College
Brian Goodwin14-15Wayne State University
Johnny Woodard14-15Tennessee State University
Tim Gill13-14Jacksonville University - Florida
Trayvon Palmer13-14Chicago State University
Xavier Blackburn12-13Midwestern State University - Texas
Bretson McNeal12-13Midwestern State University - Texas
Jon Mesghna11-12University of Maine
Greg Tucker10-12Chicago State University
Shavon Scott10-11St. Mary's University
Trent Thomas10-11Eastern Illinois University
Norris Rumph10-11Oklahoma Arts & Science
Hanif Nixon-Hughes09-11Angelo State University
Terry Bembry09-10Houston Baptist
Larry Brown09-10University of Minnesota-Crookston
Ridge McKeither08-09Tennessee-Chatanooga
Maurice Foster08-09Nichols State University
Nick Walls08-09Southern University
Fred Savoie08-09Oklahoma Arts & Science
James Livingston08-09Martin Methodist College
Toriano Madison07-09Mayville State University
Jon Kramer07-09Northwestern College (IA)
Sylvester Walker07-09Concordia University
James Eyers06-08Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Sammy Ricks06-08Concordia University
Jaden Voth06-08University of Sioux Falls
Miles Webb04-06University of Idaho
Raed Mostafa04-06Western Kentucky
Jesse Burton04-06South Carolina State
Matt Aakre04-06Minnesota State University - Moorhead
Thomas Dryburgh04-06University of North Dakota
Jamil Lott03-05Marquette University
Mark Kruse03-05Illinois State University
Andre Smith03-05North Dakota State University
Amde Evans03-05York College
Will Graham03-05Texas A&M Kingsville
Isaac Ansah03-05University of Manitoba
Phil Hahn02-04North Dakota State University
Ross Weigman02-04Mankato State University
Jim Bertelson02-04Concordia University
Gilby Sanchez02-04Mayville State University
Sekori Russell02-04Augsburg College
David Erbes01-03North Dakota State University
Joe Bueckers00-02Concordia College
George Dennis00-02Augsburg College
Bruce Dunham00-02Idaho State
Tom Miley00-02McNeese State University
JR Patrick00-02Santa Clara University
Shawn Gabbert00-02North Dakota State University
Patrick Miller00-02North Dakota State University
Jared Keaveny99-02Southwest Minnesota State
Quantone Smith99-01Colorado State University
Shevy Akason99-01Claremount McKenna
Kelvin Hill97-99Northern Iowa University
Adam Forthun96-98Minot State University
Blaine Risvedt96-98University of North Dakota
Jason Collins96-98University of Montana
Adam Aumundson96-98Mayville State University

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