Roster/Player Photos

2016-2017 Men's Basketball Roster
No.NameYearPositionHeightHometownPrevious/High School
1Elliot KaneSo.G6'3"Minneapolis, MNUpper Iowa University/Osseo
3Thomas NelsonSo.F6'3"Wahpeton, NDWahpeton
4Melvin Newbern Jr.Fr.F6'4"New Hope, MNRobbinsdale Cooper
5James Batemon IIISo.G6'1"Milwaukee, WIRiverside University
11Gach GachSo.F6'5"Austin, MNAustin
12Johnnie Turner IIIFr.G6'3"Minneapolis, MNMinneapolis South
14Brian GivensSo.G5'8"Minneapolis, MNEdison
21John HelmuthFr.G6'1"Lambert, MTLambert
25Jake JohnsonSo.F6'8"St. Francis, MNNorthern State University/St. Francis
33Tristan PopaFr.C6'10"Noblesville, INEmmerich Manual
Head Coach: Stu Engen
Assistant Coach: Brian Meitner
Assistant Coach: Alex Fodness
Trainer: Travis Shock
Manager: EJ Engen
2016-2017 NDSCS Men's Basketball Players

#1 Elliot Kane

#3 Thomas Nelson

#4 Melvin Newbern Jr.

#5 James Batemon III

#11 Gach Gach

#12 Johnnie Turner III

#14 Brian Givens

#21 John Helmuth

#25 Jake Johnson

#33 Tristan Popa

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