Roster/Player Photos

2017-2018 Men's Basketball Roster
No.NameYearPositionHeightHometownPrevious/High School
1Johnnie Turner IIISo.G6'3"Minneapolis, MNMinneapolis South
2Gare EwefadaFr.G6'1"Brooklyn Park, MNMaple Grove
4Sam BakerFr.G6'3"St. Paul, MNBenilde St. Margaret's
5Melvin Newbern Jr.So.F6'4"New Hope, MNRobbinsdale Cooper
10Gibson LouisSo.F6'4"Delray Beach, FLZion Lutheran Christian School
11Rael WilliamsFr.G6'1"London, EnglandItchen College
12Marquis HollomanFr.F6'5"South St. Paul, MNMinneapolis North
14Fletcher KlasztornyFr.F6'7"Mandurah, Western AustraliaMandurah Catholic College
21Ismail SoumareFr.C6'7"Colombes, FranceLycee Condorcet
22Stevin LippFr.G6'2"Breckenridge, MNBreckenridge
24Oman OmanFr.F6'5"Austin, MNAustin
25Abdihakim ShukriFr.G6'3"St. Joseph, MNSt. Cloud Apollo
RSMohamed KoneFr.Apple Valley, MNApple Valley
RSJohn MortonFr.Fargo, NDWest Fargo
Head Coach: Stu Engen
Assistant Coach: Brian Meitner
Assistant Coach: Alex Fodness
Trainer: Heather Bates
Manager: EJ Engen

#1 Johnnie Turner III

#2 Gare Ewefada

#4 Sam Baker

#5 Melvin Newbern Jr.

#10 Gibson Louis

#11 Rael Williams

#12 Marquis Holloman

#14 Fletcher Klasztorny

#21 Ismail Soumare

#22 Stevin Lipp

#24 Oman Oman

#25 Abdihakim Shukri
RS Mohamed Kone

RS John Morton

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