2016 Schedule & Results
Thurs. 8/18Scrimmage @ Valley City StateValley City, ND6 PM
Sat. 8/27Rochester CTCNDSCS1:30 PMW, 55-411-0
Sat. 9/3Fond Du Lac TCCCloquet, MN2 PMW, 22-42-0
Sat. 9/10M-State Fergus FallsFergus Falls, MN1:30 PMW, 59-513-0
Sat. 9/17Ridgewater CCWillmar, MN1:30 PMW, 35-284-0
Sat. 9/24Northland CTCNDSCS1:30 PMW, 41-345-0
Sat. 10/1Dakota College at BottineauBottineau, ND2 PML, 27-305-1
Sat. 10/8Minn West CCNDSCS1:30 PMW, 31-06-1
Thurs. 10/13Itasca CCNDSCS6 PMW, 31-257-1
Sat. 10/22Playoff - Round 1 Dakota College at BottineauNDSCS1 PMW, 40-338-1
Sat. 10/29Playoff - Round 2 Rochester CTCNDSCS1:30 PMW, 38-199-1
Sun. 11/6State Championship - Central LakesSt. Cloud, MN1:00 PML, 36-289-2

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