Future Athletes

When selecting members to join the NDSCS Wildcat Football program, we are looking for young men who are committed to their growth as a student, as an athlete and as an individual. We are looking for those student-athletes who understand the value of a quality education and how it relates to future success. We are looking for those student-athletes who understand what it means to give 100% in all aspects of their athletic growth because they understand that to be the best they must give their best. Finally we are looking for young men who have impeccable character and a strong moral compass because they understand that doing things "The Right Way" is the only way.

Recruiting Procedure

If you would like to be considered for our football program please follow these steps:
1. Fill out our online questionnaire
2. Send us your highlight film
◦ If we need more film to evaluate we will contact you about game film.
◦ If you have no highlight film get us your two (2) best games.
◦ Email any online links to merle.johnson@ndscs.edu.
◦ Mail your DVD (no VHS tapes please) to 
800 6th St. N., Wahpeton, ND 58076.
3. Transfers will need to provide the following:
◦ All previous transcripts.
◦ Highlight film or game film (preferably from the school you most recently attended).
◦ If you are at another NJCAA institution we will have to submit a "Contact Notification" form.
◦ If you are signed to an NJCAA National Letter of Intent you must get a release before we can talk with you.

General Information

• NDSCS Admissions: www.ndscs.edu/admissions
• Online Admission Application
• Printable Admissions Application
• Printable Residential Hall and Dining Application

Financial Aid
1. NDSCS Financial Aid
2. School Code for Financial Aid: 002996

Residence Life
1. All football players are required to live on campus.
◦ Freshman must live in the dorms the entire first year and have a meal plan.
◦ Request for apartment living after the first year can be made through the head coach. However, the following criteria must be met:
1. Be in good academic standing
2. Be in good disciplinary standing
3. Must maintain a meal plan

Athletic Information
1. NDSCS recently joined the Minnesota College Athletic Conference (MCAC) for Football. The MCAC is a non-scholarship league comprised of 12 colleges. NDSCS is one of two North Dakota colleges in the league. We play in the Western Division which is made up of six teams. At the end of the season, the top four teams from the Eastern and the Western Divisions move on to the MCAC playoffs.
2. All players will be required to have medical insurance coverage.
3. All players must have an annual physical.

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