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Softball Game vs. Dakota College at Bottineau

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Softball NDSCS vs. LRSC

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Softball: NDSCS vs. Dawson CC

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NDSCS Men's Basketball Claims the Region XIII Title at The Well

The NDSCS Men's Basketball team might as well call Williston State College's court their home. Full Story>>

NDSCS Men's Basketball Defeats BSC in Region XIII Semi-Final

The NDSCS Men's Basketball team came out firing in the Region XIII semi-final match-up with Bismarck State College and never looked back. Full Story>>

NDSCS Women's Basketball Wins Region XIII Semi-Final in Williston

The NDSCS Women's Basketball team found that the "third time's the charm" when they defeated Williston State College in the Region XIII semi-final. Full Story>>

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